Yoosung Bad ending #??

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Yoosung goes to rika’s apartment and gets to see you (MC) but sets off the bomb.

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  1. The first time I played his route I got a good ending but I played it again bc I didn’t have enough hourglasses for deep story and basically yoosung kinda went into the state of believing that seven and v brainwashed him or something and Saeran comes into Yoosung’s house and invites him to minteye and he’s like “If rIkAS tHeRe iLl bE hApPyY”

  2. Ok ok, I’m on day 10, he understands I’m not rika, I was not possessive, I joined in almost every chat, I made him feel like a man instead of a cute puppy,I was not prioritising myself,I invited more than 10 guests with a complete sign, I think I’m getting a good ending?

  3. The good ending was easy for me because I know what’s it’s like to lose someone and want to replace them so desperately. It tears you up inside. So the moment he tried comparing me to Rika, I rejected it no matter how much it hurt me. Because ultimately I knew it would be better for him.


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