The Messenger Mini+ U-Lock

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The Messenger Mini + is part of our Messenger Collection which was developed with help from NYC bike messengers.

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The Making of Part 1-

The Making of Part 2 –

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  1. I hate those bent legs, how does it make it easier to use when you're hanging over your bike fitting it through stuff? Rather than it matching up perfectly along both prongs to the deadbolt spaces? Not to mention it only fits 1 way you can't reverse the shackle.

  2. The wheel extension seems like it is just extra weight. If you lock around the seat stay and spokes, the wheel can't be removed without damaging it and you don't need an extender. And you say nothing about locking the front wheel and the seat.

  3. you are talking about users feedback, here you have my feedback: 1. serious disadvantage of this lock: difficult to put the key in the lock, the lock plate self-rotate and block the opening, sometimes it takes a lot of time to put key in the lock … 2. another disadvantage: bent foot, what is it? simply production cost saving! it is for ease of use? it is a joke? 3. no mounting bracket included, 4. only 2 keys
    Besides kryptonite messenger I also have onguard mini, this one is really easy to use, no issues with key insertion, key hole is always open, no stupid bent foot, this is a lot easier for me, and 5 keys included as standard, mounting bracket.
    I appreciate that messenger mini is a little bit larger than onguard mini altough weight is similar.


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