Mystic Messenger : You are My Prey, My Toy 😎 Saeran/Ray's route

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This time i replay his route wish to get bad ending〰️
thank you for watching^^

All Credits belong to Cheritz

Tag: #MysticMessenger,#Saeran #Ray,#RFA,#MintEye,#Seven,#707,#KangJaehee,#HanJumin,#KimYoosung,#Zen,#V,#Rika

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  2. I love his voice so much
    I know some people think it doesn't suit him but I think it does because we see soft ray and then we have looney crazy saeran, the voice works for both it would be weird if he had a deeper voice when he goes crazy because Ray is saeran so that means same body etc
    ( He is the most attractive character in the game lol )


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