Mystic Messenger – Bad End Day 5 [Casual Story]

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Sorry for the interruptions… My phone suddenly turned off when I was recording this.

Tag: Visual Novel, Dating game, Fourth wall breaking, Scary

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  1. This was the first ending I got, and I don’t even know how I got it-

    Ok so I read a bunch of comments and now I know why I got this ending, I was m nice to everyone and I didn’t participate is chatrooms much. I didn’t know that if you didn’t go to a chatrooms before the one after it appears, you’ll be absent. And then it somehow hit me when I saw that the hourglass thing next to the chatrooms was only there for the ones I didn’t participate in. W h o o p s

    Well now I’m on the 5th day on Jaehee ‘s route so yippeeee

  2. I just got this ending and I am sure I will not be able to sleep tonight.

    The kicker to this definitely when Jaehee told me to make up my mind before doing anything else. I feel like I let down her and Zen when she said that, and when she said not to proceed with the party I felt like I let down the entirety of RFA.

  3. You don’t understand how many times I got this ending i thought it was because of me flirting and constantly vibing in the gc with 707 since you can’t get his route in casual story so I thought this was basically your route with 707 in the casual story mode if that makes sense 💀and I hated Yoosung and Zen because they made me get this ending so many times 😭 I’m currently trying to get Jaehee route wish me luck since my sleep schedule is terrible but I’m trying 🐸

    Edit: I GoT On JAEHhE RoUtE I was so scared so I screen. Recorded and turned my phone the other way and then stopped screen recording and looked at the video and I GOT jaEHhe route anyways wish me luck on getting the good ending🙃

  4. I am here because it's my second time getting this ending some of u guys are keep saying in the comments that i should participate in chatrooms to not get this ending so here's the thing: it's summer time in quarantine i sleep at 6 a.m
    and woke up at 4 p.m. so i cant even see what they were talking about most of the time because i am asleep lol im sorry zen i dont have a responsible life like yours

  5. i started playing a few days and unfortunately i got this ending :'(
    for some reason this ending scared me a lot, and i went desperately to seek help on videos on yt, luckily there are several comments here that helped me a lot, btw, i think i'm traumatized ^^


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