Mystic Messenger 707 Call nosebleed/holding it in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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707 Route Day 9 (Outgoing call 19:30/7:30)

So CUTEEEEEE! Btw the “so romantic” answer I was indecisive so I just choose it randomly xD the other one was “I want to make you smile too”

But yeah it touches your heart Seven’s route it’s so beautiful :’v

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  1. If anyone who plays Sims 4 is interested, I have uploaded 2 Mystic Messenger families on the gallery. One is Saeyoung, my MC, and their holy terror twins. The other is Jumin, my MC, and Elizabeth the Third. I forgot to add Jumin’s kid before uploading, but I have a personal save where Jumin has a daughter named Mi Joo. Both families are under the name Mystic Messenger. I almost forgot to add they will show up as created by KynaTheirin.


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