[1079] Kryptonite’s Double U-Lock Picked — The Messenger Mini+

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  1. This is another lock that LPL has basically said will do the job it was made for as it is safe from all but the most enthusiastic lock picker. He admits it, it would take someone of his skills to break it. Sounds like a 10 out of 10 to me.

    Edit: this video kind of breaks my theory that bad locks get short videos.

  2. i have a very important question: What is your #1 recommendation for locks in each category that are resistant to a person of your talent, lock for bags (airport), best safe, best lock for a locker or storage unit and best anti car theft lock????

  3. Hi, I'm an amateur in this field, but I still waste my free time with something like that. I have a question, if I don't have such a tool as you have in this video, what can I use to open such a padlock? please if you can make a video how we could unveil something like this with a beginner set. Thank you very much, and I hope that in the future you will make a video on how to open something like this with a standard set. thank you and have a good day! 😉

  4. Brute force attack: I noticed that the slot for the locking pawl on the hooked end of the main shackle is cut very deep and at the point where the bar has been bent (a weak point too?) and might fracture under a screw spreader attack.


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